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Santas Guild SA


Fraternity Of Real Bearded Santa's of South Africa.


FORBS SA is the First of its kind in South Africa.

Designed to help promote Real Bearded Santa's in South Africa


FORBS SA will be running fund raising Campaigns in order to reward Exceptional children.

These are children who go above and beyond to give of themselves to help others.

Doing chores at home is not exceptional, that’s called responsibility.

But visiting an old age home to brush the hair of a non relative because no one else does is exceptional. Volunteering their time at an animal shelter to help the organization that cant afford to employ staff, that’s exceptional...

So we want to encourage people to nominate Exceptional children and all the Santa’s on the board (Member of Santa’s Guild) will then fund raise to either raise funds or gifts for these children. In the beginning, we will nominate only one child from the list to reward at Christmas time. The very first Santa, Saint Nicholas himself did not only gift people in December, back then Christmas was not something celebrated as wildly as today and he only gifted people in and around the town called Myra which is where he lived and worked as a bishop in the Catholic Church. (Modern day Turkey) so he only had a few thousand people at any given time. In today's day and age we have roughly 20 million children at pretty much any given time. (I admit that’s a wild guess number of children)

So, we want to bring back the Magic that is Christmas which is the time of giving and give something back to those most deserving.

This December past, Real Bearded Santa Shannon the founder of Santa’s Guild put his money where his mouth is and spent almost R14,000 blessing others. Including the cost of boosting posts on Facebook to draw attention to challenges he ran like the Santa’s Selfie, Youngest baby in Santa’s arms and he undertook to bless Children with actual gifts from Santa (with the help of two generous sponsors) in a rescue center for raped and abused children. There were gifts custom made for most popular baby in Santa’s arms and gifts bought for some of the children who wrote and delivered their letters to Santa.

Do you have what it takes to be a real Santa? No, we do not expect you to give as much as I did. I did what I could because I felt the need to make the biggest difference I can. I did what I did, because no one else would. The more Santa’s we have, the more people sharing the cause. The more people Sharing the cause, the bigger the following. The bigger the following, the more notice people will make. The more notice of this cause we can get out there, the more Children we can help believe, Santa is still real, and Santa still buys gifts for children deserving of them... For real, not pretend...

Become a Member


Only Real bearded Santa's, Mrs Claus and Elves can join the Guild.


There will be a membership fee applicable for research on Santa applicants. We cant have someone accused of messing with children or with drinking or drug problems representing Santa's Guild. Especially new Santas who have not done this before.

Become a Sponsor


Anyone can become a sponsor.


Sponsors are people or organizations who support us. We aim to give gifts to well deserving children. Sponsors are exceptional people who help us obtain those gifts.

We ask our visitors and supporters to please support our sponsors

Support our cause


No organizations can succeed without supporters. Those people who like our pages and share our posts help us reach even more people. The more people we can reach, the more we become known. The more we get known, the more other Santa's will join us. The more Santa's we have, the greater our reach. The greater our reach, the more we can do to keep the magic that is Christmas alive and real

Fraternity of Real Bearded Santas Of South Africa


How can you Make a difference?